2021 Annual Conference Program

Schedule of Events

Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists (OAEPS)

The University of Findlay

September 17 – 18, 2021

Friday, September 17, 2021

5pm      OAEPS Executive Board Meeting


All other Friday evening events have been cancelled, largely due to COVID complications.

The College of Business (COB) at the University of Findlay is located at 301 Davis St. Findlay, OH 45840.  Parking is available on the west end of the building essentially at the Davis St./Morey St. intersection.  Most all of our activities are on the second floor of the west end of the COB building.  The building is officially named the College of Business and Student Life (CBSL).

Saturday, September 18, 2021

8:30 AM: Registration CBSL 250

Coffee and other refreshments available between panels (outside CBSL 249 and 250)

9:00 AM-10:25 AM Panels

Panel 1: Economic Analysis  

CSBL 250

Chair and Discussant:  Erwin Erhardt, University of Cincinnati

“Bayesian Model of GDP per capita for a Sample of Nations Between 0 BC and 1940”

Robert Rogers, Ashland University

“Optimal Switching Between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans to Maximize Expected Retirement Income”

Matthew Kutch, Ohio Northern University

“Ownership Shares and Choosing the Best Leader”

Gabriel Courey, Wittenberg University

“Hedge Funds and Market Failure”

Greg Arburn, Patti Abels and Maria Gamba, University of Findlay

Panel 2:  Perspectives on American Political Institutions

CBSL 249

Chair/Discussant: Nabarun Ghose, University of Findlay

“Trumpism – Facism, Populism or Plain Old Demagoguery in the Age of Twitter?”

Michael Loughlin, Ohio Northern University

“Back to the Future:  The Dimensionality of the U.S. Public Policy Space in 2020”

M Garrett Roth, Gannon University

“A Battleground no more:  Cosmopolitanism, culture Wars, and the Urban-Rural Divide in Ohio, 2004 – 2020”

Colin Swearingen and TJ Lindstrom, John Carroll University

10:35 AM-12:00 PM Panels

Panel 3: Political Analysis 

CBSL 249

Chair and Discussant:  Colin Swearingen, John Carrol University

“Congresswomen from Ohio 1920 – 2020”

Philip Grant

“Relativist-Pragmatic Governmental Plan for COVID Wave III and Future Pandemic:  Focus of India”

Nabarun Ghose, University of Findlay

“Preparedness for Impending COVID Wave III and Future Pandemics:  India”

Satarupta Banerjee, University of Findlay

Panel 4:  Economic Analysis

CBSL 250

Chair/Discussant: David McClough. Ohio Northern University

“Bayesian Analysis of the Incidence of Corona Virus by Nation”

Robert Rogers, Ashland University

“At What Costs?  An Application of the Theory of Social Costs”

David McClough, Ohio Northern University

“Against Enthusiasm and Superstition:  Enlightenment, Liberalism and Religion in Smith and Hume”

Jarus Quinn, Bowling Green State University

Using Canvas Studio to Enhance Social Presence and Student Engagement. Maria Gamba, Patti Abels and Greg Arburn, University of Findlay

12:30pm   Lunch and Speaker

The Findlay Brewing Company

Sara Foltz, The Findlay Brewing Company.

The Findlay Brewing Company is located at 213 E. Crawford St., Findlay, OH 45840.

You can visit the menu at the following web site


Thank you so much for participating in our conference.  The Executive Board appreciate your participation.  We apologize for the downsized conference this year.  We have done the best we could to navigate these COVID complications. We are fortunate that we get to have the conference at all.  We know several OAEPS members who wanted to but could

Currently our plan is to have the 2022 conference at the University of Dayton School of Business Administration, September 16 & 17.

University of Findlay COVID Policy

Anyone (including but not limited to all students, employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers and visitors) entering any campus building, including office buildings, academic buildings, recreational facilities, and housing facilities, must wear an appropriate face covering.

·         The face covering must be worn in all classrooms, hallways, public spaces, and common areas, as well as shared office spaces.

The only times face coverings are not required to be worn are as follows:

·         When outside.

·         By employees working alone in their offices. 

·         By resident students in their own on campus housing area (visitors to housing areas must wear face coverings). 

·         When participating in activities in which a face covering cannot be worn or would prohibit respiratory function (while in the act of eating, drinking, playing a musical instrument or singing, exercising, playing sports). 

·         By individuals with a federally recognized disability and/or an accommodation that prevents them from wearing a face covering. Exceptions from the state government or other federal guidelines may also apply. Those that need accommodations should contact Human Resources (employees) or the Office of Accommodation and Inclusion (students). ​

All OAEPS participants and guests in this conference are expected to follow this policy.  Thank you.not participate this year due to COVID complications.  We look forward to meeting with you in future conferences.