Faculty Call for Papers and Faculty Best Paper Awards

Faculty Call for Papers: 2021

Faculty Call for Papers

The Ohio Association for Economists and Political Scientists invites submissions for scholarly and applied research for presentation at the 2021Annual meeting to be held on Friday and Saturday, September 17-18, 2021 at the University of Findlay. OAEPS attracts scholars from across the region to present and discuss research in a friendly and professional manner. New members are always welcome! The deadline for the submission of the 200 word abstract of your proposed paper presentation has been extended until September 6th (Labor Day), 2021. Please submit your proposal to Program Chair Dr. Gregory Arburn (arburn@findlay.edu) . Please indicate the discipline and subfield at the top of your paper (economics, political science, political theory, etc.)

The Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists (OEAPS) is pleased to announce a new initiative in cooperation with the Journal of Economics and Politics!

In 2019, the OAEPS introduced Best Paper awards for top Faculty papers in both Economics and Political Science. Faculty authors submitting winning papers received a $500 prize. Beginning this year with our 2021 Conference, the OAEPS in cooperation with the Journal of Economics and Politics will provide referee comments and a publication decision for all submissions to the Best Paper competition.

Faculty Authors who submit a completed manuscript for consideration of the Best Paper award and who attend the conference will receive a hard copy of comments from two referees and a formal decision from the editorial staff of the Journal of Economics and Politics. Authors retain privileges to submit research to other journals; however, authors are granted one year to act on the editorial decision of the Journal of Economics and Politics. Moreover, the Journal of Economics and Politics will publish its annual volume in December to accommodate authors interested in publishing during the current academic year.

To be eligible, completed manuscripts are to be submitted to Dr. David McClough
(d-mcclough@onu.edu), Editor, Journal of Economics and Politics by September 1, 2021.