Registration / Membership online is now available through Eventbrite on the OAEPS Website.

Please go to the Annual Meeting link and select “Register for the Annual Meeting” to register.

1. Our Annual Membership and Conference Registration is $100.00 for faculty and $35.00 for students. When you register for the conference you automatically are awarded membership in OAEPS. For 2021, your membership/conference registration must be paid by the end of September 1, 2022. Membership/Conference Registration paid after September 1, 2022 will be $125.00 for Faculty and $35.00 for students.

2. On-site annual membership and registration at the conference is $125..00 for faculty and $35.00 for students.

3. A $25.00 additional donation will be asked for each guest of a conference attendee who comes to the conference luncheon.

3. Mail-in annual membership and conference registration to the OAEPS Treasurer is $100.00 for faculty and $35.00 for students if it is received by the by September 1, 2022. After September 1st, the fee is $125.00 for faculty and $35.00 for students. Contact information, membership, and conference fees should be mailed to:

Dr. Erwin F. Erhardt, III

Department of Economics
Lindner College of Business
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0371
If you have questions, call (513) 556-2624