Schedule of Events

Conference Location: Walsh University, North Canton, OH

Directions to Walsh University:

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Schedule of Events

Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists (OAEPS)

Walsh University, September 15-16, 2023


Friday, September 15th, 2023

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM             OAEPS Board Meeting – GLC 104, the Renacci Center

6:45PM                               Welcome: Dr. Bill Davis

– Pledge of Allegiance

– Opening Prayer

Dr. Timothy J. Collins, President of Walsh University

7:00 PM OAEPS’ Role in National Security


Saturday September 16, 2023

8:00 AM             REGISTRATION: Global Learning Center Lobby

                          Light Breakfast (coffee, juice, rolls, available prior to the first sessions)

8:20 AM             Opening Remarks/ Welcome

Breakout Sessions I

PANEL 1: Methods, Markets, and Money   8:30 – 9:45 GLC 114

Chair/Discussant: Greg Arburn  

Greg Arburn     Market failure in Derivatives Markets

Jin Lau, Rutgers- New Brunswick     News Shocks and Sudden Stops

Greg Arburn     Artificial Intelligence and Econometric Model Specification           

PANEL 2: Government Policy and Social Outcomes 8:30 – 9:45 GLC 115

Chair/Discussant: Carl Taylor, Walsh University      

Jonathan Andreas, Bluffton University    The Pareto Impossibility Theorem

Carl Taylor, Walsh University      Urban land use and Public Policy

M. Garrot Roth, Gannon University     Toward a Public Choice Framework for Succession

David McClough, Ohio Northern University    Private College and University organizing after Yeshiva             

PANEL 3: Political partisanship and the Legislative Process 8:30 – 9:45 GLC 205

Chair/Discussant: Erwin Erhardt , University of Cincinnati

Justin A. Malone , Xavier University     The Aftermath of Nolan v. Rhodes: Exploring Ohio’s State Legislative Reapportionment

Nancy Marion, University of Akron     Canadian Prime Ministers’ Rhetoric on Crime and Violence: Symbolic or Substantive?

David Cohen, University of Akron     Ken Duberrstien’s Tenure as Last Chief of Staff in the Reagan White House   


9:45-10:00 Coffee Break                                                                       


Breakout Sessions II

PANEL 4: Health, Well-Being, and Economics                           10:00 – 11:10                          GLC 114            

Chair/Discussant: Robert Rogers, Ashland University                

Colin Swearingen, John Carroll University  and  Rebecca Mekhel, John Carroll University,
Using a Community-Based Development Measure to Better Understand Public Health in Rural Honduran Villages

Julie Szendry & Laci Fialla, Walsh University/ Hiram College Family Resources in Adolescence and Religion and Self- Reliance in young Adulthood   

PANEL 5: Poverty and Development   10:00 – 11:10 GLC 115

Chair/Discussant: Colin Swearingen, John Carroll University        

Charles Kofi Ahiaklo, Ohio University     Human Development and Government Education Expenditure

Erwin F. Erhardt, University of Cincinnati   North Macedonia in a post-Yugoslavian world

James J. Jozefowicz, Angel Alcantara and Stephanie M. Brewer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania An Analysis of Poverty Convergence: Evidence from Pennsylvania Counties

Angel Alcantara, Indiana University of Pennsylvania The Determinants of Poverty in Rural and Urban

Pennsylvania Counties       

PANEL 6: Economic, Political, and Civil Liberties 10:00 – 11:10 GLC 205

Chair/Discussant: Jonathan Andreas, Bluffton University 

Isabella Benz, John Carroll University     Freedom and Poverty Proposal

Seth Turner, The Ohio State University     Beyond Book Bans: Threats to Free Speech in the Unites States

Pedro Cardenas, Denison University     Adam Smith on Usuary: A Reexamination

Grossi, Elizabeth, University of Louisville     DOJ Pattern and Practice Investigations: Precursors, Findings, and Reforms


11:10-11:20 Break


Breakout Sessions III                                      

PANEL 7: Religion, Culture and Political Economy                           11:20 – 12:30                          GLC 114            

Chair/Discussant: TBD                                        

Julie Szendry, Walsh University     The Economics of and Tools for Discerning Your Purpose if Business is Your Calling

Amir Azarvan, Georgia Gwinnett College     Interpreting UFO sightings in a Post-Religious Culture

Richard Grasso, John Carroll University     Analyzing the Relationship Between Religion and Fertility Rates

Julie Szendry & Laci Fialla, Walsh University/ Hiram College Family Resources in Adolescence and Religion and Self- Reliance in Young Adulthood

PANEL 8: International Relations: Security and Conflict 11:20 – 12:30 GLC 115

Chair/Discussant:  William Davis, Walsh University      

Emmanuel Amadife, Kentucky State University   Ethnic Conflicts in Africa: Legacy of Politics of the Post-Colonial Period

William Davis, Walsh University     Transitory Unity: The Atlantic Alliance            

Panel 9: Partisanship, Culture and Voting Behavior    11:20 – 12:30 GLC 205

Chair/Discussant:  David Cohen, The University of Akron

Dominic Wells, Bowling Green State University   The Political Divergence of Ohio and Michigan

Marc Poitras,  John Carroll University      Cultural Persistence and Voting Behavior: Evidence from the 2008 Presidential Election in New York


12:45 – 2:00 PM LUNCH – Barrette Business and Community Center – B & C    

Keynote Speaker: Allison Powell, Park Ranger, The James A. Garfield National Historical Site

1:10 PM -2:05 PM

The James A. Garfield National Historical Site: It’s Past, Present, and Future

Allison Powell has been with the National Park Service since 2008 and at the James A. Garfield National Historical Site as a high school volunteer, college intern, educator, and operations manager before becoming a Park Ranger.   Allison has recently served as the Acting Site Manager of the James A. Garfield National Historical Site, and have provided numerous presentations on President Garfield and the era of his presidency—both on site and throughout Northeastern Ohio.


2:15 PM— 2:45 PM      Business Meeting